Holcombe Commercial Doors and Windows

CommercialHolcombe excels in providing its products and services for homes and homeowners and for the builders who work with them, but we are equally capable with assisting architects, contractors, and sub-contractors with their commercial project needs. Our thorough and innovative approach will compliment your drawings and plans and help you bring the design from concept to reality.

The door and window products designed for residential use are often appropriate for commercial projects as well. However, there are many product lines designed and developed specifically for use in commercial settings. These products have been created to address issues that exist only in commercial spaces, and we will help you evaluate your need to address circumstances that are unique to your commercial environment and to find products that meet those needs.

Concerns about energy efficiency are often greater in commercial projects due to the large open spaces typical in commercial designs versus smaller spaces in residential construction. For that reason, the selection of doors and windows is more serious about ensuring that the cost of heating and cooling the larger, more open spaces is effectively controlled. Similarly, the need for security is often a critical consideration in the choice of windows and doors.

We have long-standing relationships with a variety of product suppliers whose doors and windows reflect considerable attention to issues of energy efficiency and security. Our commercial product line includes solid exterior doors constructed of clad wood, fiberglass or 100% wood, each offering your client the level of protection they require.

commercial Temperature control is also a critical concern in commercial buildings such as hospitals, nursing homes, and schools, but it is relevant to comfort levels in every commercial environment. Our energy-efficient doors and windows are designed to meet or exceed the need for temperature control and, simultaneously, to address efforts to keep the recurring costs of heating and air conditioning as low as possible. ADA concerns are another vital issue. Our door hardware products offer ADA-compliant options such as levers and keyless entry, and our door products are available in widths that accommodate wheelchairs.

In today’s competitive business environment, curb appeal and visual engagement are important aspects of building design. Holcombe’s wide range of products will provide options that will make your commercial projects stand out. We offer doors and windows to enhance every style and design.

Cost containment is always an issue with a commercial project whether it is new construction, an addition, or a renovation. Holcombe will guide your selections to products that meet your client’s needs for energy efficiency, visual appeal and security and that are cost-effective so that your project remains within the client’s budget limits.

Whether your project is a business, school, hospital, or another commercial enterprise, Holcombe can help you make the best choices for doors and windows to meet the design, efficiency, and security goals of the project and to keep it within budget. Let us see how we can help you.